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Plan Your Lessons

Our system allows you to systematically organised and break down your course into lessons with clear learning objectives. In this way, your students will have the opportunity to watch the videos and repeat to get the concept right.

Expand Your Global Online Presence

Maybe you already are a successful master with good number of students from your offline classes. Build upon this success by creating online courses, this create a sustainable way and able to get your course to students across the globe.
Or an experienced master who is turning from practitioner to teacher. You can share your vast knowledge in your created online courses to students worldwide. Your wisdom will not be lost!
No matter which phase you are in, you are touching lives and changing lives of the students for the better.

24/7 Recurring Revenue

Teaching offline classes or starting to do one requires your presence in a specific time space. Leveraging on our system allows you to replicate your presence, knowledge & success across to students any where, any time.
Let FSDH Team help you build your online presence to another level of success!

How To Become A Teacher

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Reach out to us through the registration form on your left of this page.
Please share with us a brief background profile and your website link for us to know you more. Please also indicate the courses title you have in mind so we will know what are looking to create.
We will get back to you within 3 working days.
Rule 1: Please do not replicate or use other online metaphysics content, images or information with permission. This not only tarnish your branding and also us as well.
Rule 2: Kindly refrain from having your learning content in other online places to maintain exclusiveness and competitive advantage.
Rule 3: Please maintain respect, courtesy and kindness in your response to all our students during discussion, questions or conflicts of metaphysics concepts from different schools. We are all learners & everyone is fighting their own battle.
Rule 4: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Lights, camera, action
Take 1!

With just a smartphone or a DSLR? Add a microphone and you’re ready to film your 1st online course from your home or wherever you happen to be.
Be creative and showcase your metaphysics knowledge to your students.
In addition, use video editing software such as Camtasia to screencast demos help you on your content.

Still concern about your videos?

Our FSDH support team is available to help and offers free reviews, advice and inspiration.