Hello, a very warm welcome to Metaphysics Mastery.

We are happy and honored to be one of the your first touch point in this learning journey and hopefully, throughout the journey.

Our learning platform is a collective knowledge & wisdom where Astrology, Tarot, Fengshui, Numerology & Reiki meet. Instructors are reached out not only based on their extensive knowledge and also the positive energy they often give out.

To make your learning experience fun and easy to learn, our content are grouped into types.

First, bite-sized webinars which are focused topic to ensure you get the best value during the short 1-1.5 hours session. The intention is to either strengthen your current knowledge gap or give a focus knowledge area where you can apply this in real life.

Second, online courses which allow you to learn at your own pace. These are courses pre-recorded where you can replay them and learn all knowledge during your free time.

Lastly, ‘live’ webinar workshops or classes hosted by instructors where you are able to hear and ask them questions via online “face to face” sessions. These are regular schedule intent to give you ‘live’ classroom experience and clarity on your burning questions.

We hoped through our content structure and instructors engagement, you are able to grasp the metaphysics concepts in a clear and concise manner. Not wasting time and money going to different teachers with no visible result. We sincerely hope to help you move forward in your self-discover learning journey and inspire you on what you can achieve potentially.

No short-cuts in accumulating metaphysics knowledge and it can go into the depths of ocean. Practice, learning from peers and self-learn is the best feasible approach. There is no Artificial Intelligence to replace this area yet, so don’t worry.


For starters, we do have some recommendation for those looking for a quick start.

For Tarot beginners, you can get a headstart by attending webinar classes by one of our experienced instructor, Renaye.

For Fengshui beginners, you can learn our FREE divination basic online course by our Guang Yong instructor. Alternatively, you can learn Time Space Prediction online course conducted by Jimmiey.


We will be bringing you more exciting online courses, live webinar workshops and bite-sized webinars.


Have fun learning!

Yours Sincerely,

Daniel Zhang